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Published by Blackwell's 64pp
edited by Ian Davie with John Heath-Stubbs
with Introduction

This confusingly named volume had coverage "from the Spring of 1942 to the Spring of 1943", in line with all of its predecessors, and was the only OP of the war years: though the student-edited anthologies "Poetry from Oxford in Wartime" (ed. William Bell, 1945), "More Poetry from Oxford" (ditto, 1946) and "Eight Oxford Poets" (ed. Sidney Keyes and John Heath-Stubbs, 1941) played the same game with the same players.


Drummond Allison: The Gardener Rises Restive; The Brass Horse;

Ian Bancroft: Elegy for an Airman; The Soldier and the Girl;

William Bell: Poems from Percussion;

Peter Bentley: Meditation on a Hand (from a sculpture by Donatello); Meditation on a Swallow;

Marjorie Boulton: Viewpoints; Song; For J. H.;

John Croft: Poem ("They say he has very little to do"); A Vision: For C;

Ian Davie: Introduction; Ballade; Reflection; Entreaty;

Edward du Cann: Conscience;

Atholl Gallifent: To Marie;

Patrick Gardiner: Poem ("Only the flaming sunsets of a dream"); Dedication in Wartime; Of Epitaphs;

Paul C. Haeffner: Poem ("Do not fear that I am old");

Kathleen M. Hall: Elegy;

Michael Hamburger: Charles Baudelaire; The Rebels; La Vita Vecchia;

J. A. Hawke-Genn: The Child;

Adrian Head: The Poet;

John Heath-Stubbs: Tchaikowskian Poem;

Gerald Irvine: Intellegite Insipientes; Poem: Khorassan Unvisited;

B. L. Jockney: Poem ("Here in your arms I take release from fear");

Sidney Keyes: Translated from the German of Rainer Maria Rilke ("The hour slips from me: wingbeats of the hour"); The Grail;

Rainer Maria Rilke: "The hour slips from me: wingbeats of the hour" [translated Sidney Keyes];

Francis King: The Wheel; Poem ("And no return. Sand blows about these faces"); Poem ("The snow, as soft, as comfortless as kisses");

Philip Larkin: A Stone Church Damaged by a Bomb; Mythological Introduction; Poem ("I dreamed of an outstretched arm of land");

John Longrigg: Lines for a Stranger; Fragment;

Michael Meyer: Necrophiles; Sonnet; Two Poems (For B. H., Killed in Action);

Roy Porter: Exsurgens Maria; Mythological Song; Porphyry of Gaza preaches on the Anchorites;

P. S. Rawson: Image;

Maurice Rowdon: The Brazen Shoot;

Roger Sharrock: Poem ("Delicious the Laburnum"); Extract from Primavera;

Desmond Stewart: Epode of Autumn; Wagnerian Poem;

David Wright: Eton Hall;

Copyright Oxford Poetry 2000. Pictured above: Detail from "Parnassus" by Nicholas Poussin