Oxford Poetry Vol III No 1 (Winter 1986)

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Published by Magdalen College 52pp
edited by Mark Ford, Nicholas Jenkins, John Lanchester, Elise Paschen
no preface

This was the first issue to have a declared theme: Younger American Poets. Poems were sought out from eight, then fairly new, American writers, and presented with biographical notes, making a mini-anthology.


David Bottoms: Arcana Mundi; Under the Vulture-Tree;

Katha Pollitt: Maya (for Anna Fels);

Gary Soto: The Party-Time Ashtray;

Michael Blumenthal: For|Against;

David Wojahn: Satin Doll;

Maura Stanton: Little-Known Birl of The Inner Eye (after the picture by Morris Graves);

Douglas Crase: True Solar Holiday;

Jay Perini: Things of this world;

Paul Muldoon: Interview by Claire Wills, Nicholas Jenkins and John Lanchester; Something Else;

Stephen Romer: A Letter Not Sent;

Alan Jenkins: The Old Order;

Peter McDonald: The dog;

Michael Hofmann: Withdrawn from Circulation;

Julie O'Callaghan: Getting Through the Night;

Richard Bush: Dying 1952;

Mick Herron: Lost; Line;

Celia Bland: My Grandfather's Funeral;

Amy Clampitt: Interview by Elise Paschen; Runes, Blurs, Sap Rising;

Glyn Maxwell: Girl On Ship Says; The Wreck Risen; Hello;

Gavin Ewart: Three of the Songs and Sonnets of Ruperta Bear (1. Death and the Child; 2. Oral Love Song; 3. Every Word Counts);

Peter Forbes: The South Country;

Gwyneth Lewis: Parable of the Awkward Woman [translated from the Welsh by the author];

Hossein Amini: Gaugin Enchantée;

Michael Henry: Taberdar's Disease;

Hilary Davies: "The river bends...";

Y. S. A. Nwachukwu: A Son's Lament;

Peter Reading: Scolopax rusticola;

N. S. Thompson: Judge's report on the Cavalcanti Translation Competition;

Cavalcanti: Sonneto 1 [translated by W. N. Herbert into Scots, with a dictionary attached: winning entry in the Translation Competition];

Copyright Oxford Poetry 2000. Pictured above: Detail from "Parnassus" by Nicholas Poussin