Oxford Poetry Vol VII No 3 (Winter 1993)

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Published by Magdalen College 48pp
edited by Sinéad Garrigan, Ian Samson
no preface

Books recieved; notes on contributors


John Gohorry: A Balloon Ascent (Prelude; Conversation of Bagpipe and Ebony; Flight; Observations of a Man Working in the Fields; Aftermath);

David Morley: "Hawk Roosting": Rewrite; Dinner in the Iapetus Ocean;

Christine McNeill: Strangers in the Night; Travelling Out;

Thomas A. Clark: Making Spaces: an Interview by David Herd; Tobar Na Cailleach;

Ted McNulty: Reading Solzhenitsyn; Kind of a Man;

Giles Goodland: Notes of Chemist, 1805;

David Kennedy: A Glass Staircase;

Giles Foden: Faust in the Congo;

Blake Morrison: Candid Narrative: an Interview by Tim Kendall;

John Redmond: Feenish Island; Bottleship;

Cahal Dallat: Holy Tundish, Markham Main; Dilat Q'hal;

Mark Roper: Honey;

Susan Lovell: On Making Home;

Tim Kendall: Old Snaps;

Susan Webb: Patience;

Paul Celan: "Count the almonds" [a translation by Caroline Blyth of Zhle die Mandeln];

Thom Gunn: The Muscle of Feeling: a review by Mark Wormald(2) of "Collected Poems" by Thom Gunn;

Sandie Byrne: Arrivals: a review of "The Country at my Shoulder" by Moniza Alvi and "Kissing the Night" by Christine McNeill;

Copyright Oxford Poetry 2000. Pictured above: Detail from "Parnassus" by Nicholas Poussin