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Anthony Bailey
1954: Pink is the paper; Song; O pretty are primulas
1955: Man in Green and Black; Pastoral

C. Balankura
1936: Nirvana (from the Siamese of the same author)

J. E. Banbury
1936: Lovers' Idyll; Record

Ian Bancroft
1942-1943: Elegy for an Airman; The Soldier and the Girl
1946:No 1: Bridge on the Orne, 1944; The Beauchamp Chapel (Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick); Funeral
1946:No 2: Love Poems; Poems in May 1944 (To K.)
1947: Bridge on the Orne, 1944; Funeral

Mary Jo Bang
IV.3: In Umbria

Theodore de Banville
French Parnassian poet (1823-91).
1914: Translation by Charis Ursula Barnett

Henry Barnby
1946:No 2: Poem "I dreamt I saw a sun rise from the sea"

H. S. Barnes
1924: In Church

Charis Ursula Barnett
College friend of
Dorothy L. Sayers; like many other female contributors to OP, drove an ambulance in France during the war.
1914: Translated from Theodore de Banville

Elizabeth Barrett
X.3: The Man Who Hated The Sun

Elizabeth Bartlett
IV.2: Roman Carnival; A Nice Family

D. Batchelor
1926: Three Epitaphs

F. W. Bateson (editor 1923) (OCEL)
Critic and editor of the Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (1940).
1921, as F. N. W. Bateson: Trespassers
1922: Twilight; Ruined Church; Estranged; Light Love
1923: The Hunter; The Lover's Ghost; Fancy; Orpheus

James Batley
1936: Sea-Gull

Paul Bavister
VII.2: Woke up when
VIII.2: In a Room; The Security Guard

Oliver Bayley
1948: Salamnbo; The Taster
1949: The Deserter; The Coming Morning; The Hop-Pickers

T. O. Beachcraft
1924: The Lapidary; The Shower

J. D. Beazley
Oxford don; authority on Greek vases. Ten years after contributing the first poem in the first issue of OP, "Jacky" Beazley and his wife befriended and travelled with
Harold Acton.
1910-1913: The Ballad of My Friend

Shaun Belcher
VII.1: Following The Map

William Bell (OCTCP)
Editor of "Poetry from Oxford in Wartime" (1945), in effect the OP of its year, and its successor "More Poetry from Oxford" (1946). Read physics and then English; died climbing the Matterhorn, August 1948, and left only two books of his own verse.
1942-1943: Poems from Percussion

Alexander Bellotti
V.2: A Trotter for a Brother

Martin Bennett
IX.2: Between the Lines

Mary Elizabeth Benson
1925: Lover to Beloved

Peter Bentley
1942-1943: Meditation on a Hand (from a sculpture by Donatello); Meditation on a Swallow

Werner Bergengruen
Member of the Austrian Resistance Movement, whose poems, written in the summer of 1944, were extensively circulated in MS. "The Last Epiphany" is a parable in which a Christ-like judge comes among the Austrian people in a variety of pariah-like disguises (a Jew, a priest, etc.) to see how they behave.
1946:No 1: Translated by J. B. Leishman: The Last Epiphany

Mara Bergman
VI.2: Bleaching of the Linen

Anita Bernstein
VIII.2: Containers

James Berry
II.1: Interview by Sue Goad; Letter to My Father from London [1960]; Memories

Norman Beswick
1950: Eve; Rain

Nick Bevan
III.3: Two Haiku

Charles Bewley
Won the
Newdigate Prize 1910 for "Atlantis".
1910-1913: Winter in Ireland; A Girl's Song on Her Lover, Paidin, Ruadh

Peter Bingham
1948: In November; In November forty seven, the Land

The Birches
V.1: Howard Wright

Judith Bishop
IX.2: Out of Ireland

Basil Blackwell (editor 1928)
Later Sir Basil. Publisher; head of the family firm for over sixty years; founder of OP. Expert antiquarian book collector, and famously well read, but author of almost nothing: this poem is a considerable rarity.
1918: At the Pauper Asylum

Celia Bland
III.1: My Grandfather's Funeral

P. Bloomfield
1917: Second-Best
1919: Twilight

Michael Blumenthal
III.1: For|Against

Edmund Blunden (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Rural and war poet, elected Oxford
Professor of Poetry in 1966. As undergraduates he and Alan Porter discovered an archive of manuscripts left in a cupboard after a Victorian exhibition and published "John Clare: Poems Chiefly from MSS.", rescuing Clare from obscurity.
1920: Sheet Lightning; Forefathers
1921: The Watermill; The Scythe; That Time is Gone; The South-West Wind; The Canal; The March Bee

Caroline Blyth
VI.2: Speaking in Tongues: an Interview with John Ashbery
VII.2: Autonomies and Regions: an Interview of Kathleen Jamie
VII.3: "Count the almonds" [a translation of Zähle die Mandeln by Paul Celan]
VIII.3: One All: an Interview of Don Paterson

Amy Boesky
I.1: The Groundhog

Eavan Boland
IV.2: Mountain Time
VI.1: Healing History's Wounds: 'Out of History' by Eavan Boland, reviewed by Sarah Dence

Yves Bonnefoy
VI.3: La Voix, Qui a Repris | The Voice, Which Spoke Again [parallel text, with translation by Chris Miller, winner of the Translation Competition]

G. H. Bonner
1920: Sonnet

Anne Bonsor
1948: Provence

Anne Born
I.3: Dung-beetle
V.2: A Glass of Water; Hole in the Wall; Plaisir de Cuisine

David Bottoms
III.1: Arcana Mundi; Under the Vulture-Tree

Marjorie Boulton
1942-1943: Viewpoints; Song; For J. H.
1948: First Tribute for M. M. L.

Sean Bousted
VIII.3: Do Not Disturb; Ascent

Arthur Boyars (editor 1948)
With John Wain, editor of "Mandrake", a small magazine published at Wadham College 1945-6. Later, translator of Russian verse.
1946:No 2: Lycidas; Pavane de la Belle au Bois Dormant (after Maurice Ravel)
1947: Contemporary Manners
1948: Foreword; Kleisthenes; Dialogue in Limbo

Alison Brackenbury
V.3: Optician
IX.1: Coming Back; Margaret in Norway

Norman Bradshaw
1936, as N. Bradshaw: We have lusted
1937: Elegy in a Nonconformist Churchyard; Pro Monumento Communistico; The Bower of Bliss

Arthur Braine-Hartnell
1925: Attack; Pusedown-Sunset
1926: A Sharp Tale of Love; Witchcraft

David Brancaleone
VIII.3: "I wanted to be rough and essential" [translation from Eugenio Montale; winning entry in the Translation Competition]

Charles Brasch (OCTCP)
Major poet of New Zealand; editor of "Landfall"; writer on problems of settling already-inhabited lands.
1930: Pyramid; To Plautia

C. E. B. Brett
1949: "A prince once walked the sunlit streets of Rouen"

Joseph Brewer
1922: 'In Lands made Desolate'

W. Bridges-Adams
1910-1913: Fragment (from the Elizabethans)

Vera M. Brittain (editor 1920) (OCEL)
Served as a nurse in the war; returned to Oxford a feminist, campaigning successfully for women's degrees. Her classic autobiography, "Testament of Youth", takes great pride in Oxford Poetry and reproduces "Boar's Hill, October, 1919" and "Lament of the Demobilized" entire (chapter 10). She describes OP as keeping her sane in an oppressive Somerville College house full of mirrors and fat rats.
1919: To a V. C.
1920: Boar's Hill, October, 1919; The Lament of the Demobilized; Daphne

S. R. Broadbent
1950: On A Crucifixion By Durer
1951: Lines for a Twenty-First Birthday

Simon Broadbent
1952: On a Presentiment of Death by Drowning; Attendants on Leda; The Giant-Killer

J. R. I. Brooke
No apparent relation to Rupert Brooke, who was at Cambridge a few years earlier.
1910-1913: Reincarnation

Jocelyn Brooke (OCEL)
Soldier in the Medical Corps and elegiac novelist of army life.
1928: For a Lady on a Horse; En Bateau

C. S. Brown
1932: The Martyrs; On Händel's "Messiah"

P. P. Brown
1923: Snow; Music; Dirge

Stewart Brown
IV.1: Mimic Man; Pope

Alan Brownjohn (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Elizabeth Jennings, a poet of what now seem traditional virtues, once considered a member of the Movement but whose long writing career has broadened his context.
1952: Holy Communion; A Dutch Interior
1953: Wolfgang Borchert; Death in the Park

G. A. Fielding Bucknall
1920: Unto Dust

Paddy Bullard
IX.1: Space-Age Bachelor-Pad Music: a review of "The Ghost Orchid" by Michael Longley and "Rest for the Wicked" by Glyn Maxwell

Basil Bunting
VI.2: The Hollow Men: a review by David Pascoe of "Uncollected Poems", by Basil Bunting, ed. Richard Caddel, and "Collected Poems", by Henry Reed, ed. Jon Stallworthy

C. Burchardt
1918: Complaint

M. L. Burchnall
1947: Future

Claude Burgess
1932: Cathédrale Engloutie

Elizabeth Burns
V.1: The Pillars of Hercules

Peter Burra
1930: The Season

H. T. Burt
1919: From their Dust; Pilot and Clouds

Steve Burt
VIII.3: Untitled article on the poetry of James Merrill
IX.1: Old Curtains in Virginia; Patriotism
IX.1: A Postal Interview of Robert Crawford

Richard Bush
II.3: Vet in Train
III.1: Dying 1952

Guy Butler (OCTCP)
South African poet; Professor of English at Rhodes University; English verse editor of "Standpunte".
1946:No 2: Syrian Spring; Servant Girl
1947: Winter Solstice; Syrian Spring

F. W. Butler-Thwing
1919: The Tramp-Ship

Muriel St Clare Byrne
Dorothy L. Sayers's closest friend: they wrote the only Lord Peter Wimsey play, "Busman's Honeymoon", together.
1916, as Muriel Byrne: Devachan
1917, as M. St Clare Byrne: Favete Linguis
1918, as M. St Clare Byrne: "And One Fell by the Wayside..."

Sandie Byrne
VII.3: Arrivals: a review of "The Country at my Shoulder" by Moniza Alvi and "Kissing the Night" by Christine McNeill

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