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Peter Fallon
III.3: The Woman of the House

Austin Fancy
1932: Since you are as you are...; I glance at you...

Jennifer Farley
V.3: Baby Doll; Dear Miss Delmage

Neil Farley
X.1: Short unsigned review

Jane Feaver
IV.3: "Remembering"
V.1: Cat's Cradle; Highpoint, Hawdraw Force
VI.1: The Task

Elaine Feinstein
X.2: Abishag (translation of "Abisag" by Rainer Maria Rilke)

James Fenton
VI.1: Judge's report on the Richard Ellmann Prize; Journey Without Maps: An Interview by Mark Wormald(2)

James Ferguson
1925: Night Flowers
1926, as James Fergusson: 'A Little Low Dry Garret'

Peter Ferguson (editor 1957)
1955: The Realisation
1956: Ballad of the Old King; The Journey; The Enemy
1957: Parting Song; Mental Patient; Village Idiot

Barbara Feyerabend
IV.2: Fama Gloriaque [after the Arabic of al Mutanabbi (915-65 AD)]; Sisyphus in Munich; Narcissus

Will Fiennes
VIII.1: Good Bad Taste: a review of "Collected Poems 1953-1993" by John Updike

Ian Hamilton Finlay
IX.2: After Basho

Umberto Fiori
X.3: Visions (translated by Alistair Elliot); Chin (translated by Alistair Elliot); Tight Places (translated by Alistair Elliot)

A. S. T. Fisher
Lived on the same staircase as
W. H. Auden in Christ Church (College), and had frequent late-night arguments with him about religion. Less than tactfully, in 1926 he wrote to Mrs Auden, who was concerned about her son, that "the fact that he is naturally more self-sufficient than most people explains why he finds so little need for a personal God-or for a Mother."
1928: From a Letter Abroad; At the Funeral of Thomas Hardy; Invitation to Drowning

Denis Flannery
VI.1: Eroding Borders: a review of 'The Sirocco Room' by Jamie McKendrick

Hugh Fletcher
1947: June 6th, 1944

Giles Foden
VII.3: Faust in the Congo

Franklin Folsom
1931, as F. B. Folsom: Cycle
1932: An Ode for the Rocky Mountains

Peter Forbes
II.3: 7 and 5
III.1: The South Country

Mark Ford (editor III.1, III.2)
II.2: Night Out; Land-locked; Street Violence; A Swimming Pool Full of Peanuts
II.3: Sneaker Dot-To-Dot: Poems (Stocking Up; Snowfall; Shenandoah to Cherry-stone; Resting Up)
II.3: Interview of Allen Ginsberg
III.2: Interview of Brad Leithauser
VI.2: Daily
VI.3: Funny and Peculiar: a review by Ian Critchley of "Landlocked" by Mark Ford

Flora Forster
1917: Ducklington

Geoffrey Foster
1955: Eastern Landscape

Andrew Fox
V.2: Inside and Out: review by Robert Smith of John Leonard, "Unlove"; Gerard Woodward, "The Unwriter & other poems"; Andrew Fox, "Darkness and Snowfall"

Ralph W. W. Fox
1919: Love Weeping Among the Crosses; On Hearing that the Names Carved on an Old School Table are to be Removed; The Envious Poets

Winifred Fox
1937: Summer Magic

C. I. Frazer
1924: War

H. Frazer
1931: Grave, three days old

Richard Freeborn
Javoricko is a village in Czechoslovakia, killed by German army reprisals on 5 May 1945. In the headnote to this poem, the word "german" is printed with a lower-case "g".
1950: "Under the bitter arches..."; Incident; For Javoricko in Moravia

H. R. Freston
Killed in action France, 24 January 1916.
1914: The Wine of Spring; June Evening
1915: A Girl's Song; Sometimes I Wonder

Hilary Froomberg
1947: The Carol of the Peacock and the Pelican

Johanna Fry
1932: Telegraph Poles

John Fuller (editor 1960)
1959: Owls; White Queen
I.1: Unsigned review of his book 'The Beautiful Inventions'
I.3: Antique Fragment of an Apollo [translation of Rainer Maria Rilke]
II.3: Swimming at Night
V.2: The Malverns
VIII.1: Judge's report on the Richard Ellmann Prize
VIII.1: The Sycamore Press 1968-1993
VIII.2: Enigma
X.3: Round and Round
XI.1: Auden's Lawrentian Sphinx

Roy Fuller
I.3: An Ancient Torso of Apollo (after Rilke) [translation of Rainer Maria Rilke]

R. G. Furnival
1950: Blues

Copyright Oxford Poetry 2000. Pictured above: Sketch of W. H. Auden as a teacher at the Downs School, c. 1933