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Iain Galbraith
VII.2: Mudflats III [translation of "Watt III" by Susan Kirsch: winning entry in Translation Competition]

Owen Gallagher
VI.3: Between Shifts

Atholl Gallifent
1942-1943: To Marie

Peter Gammond
1948: Keep to the Path: By Order
1949: Autumn Elegy; Story of my Death
1950: Things That Were Right All Three; I Got No Alms; Of A Day Past

Michael Gardiner
V.3: Waking; This Is The Place In Which You Live

Patrick Gardiner
1942-1943: Poem ("Only the flaming sunsets of a dream"); Dedication in Wartime; Of Epitaphs
1946:No 1: Medea's Departure from Corinth; Napoleon at St. Helena; London Spring
1946:No 2: To the Snow Queen; Poem "Goodbye, May - on a pool of tears and roses"
1947: Napoleon at St. Helena; Tennyson
1949: Purbeck

Toby Garfitt
X.1: Felicity, simplicity: translating the young Eluard

Patrick Garland
1957: Autumn

Elizabeth Garrett
III.3: Two Floras (After Botticelli and Titian); Spinster; Ter Borch To His Students
VI.2: Interregnum

Sinéad Garrigan (editor VI.3, VII.1, VII.2, VII.3, VIII.1, VIII.2, VIII.3, IX.1, IX.2)
VI.3: Interview of Elizabeth Jennings
VII.2: A Bigger Picture: a review of "The Lie of Horizons" by Desmond Graham

Anthony Gash
1970:No 1: "Le songe est savoir-an answer we ask"; "More like Humpty Dumpty than Osiris"; "'No,' you're saying, 'sometimes I want to cry'"; Jealous Friend Blues

E. F. A. Geach (editor 1918)
1918: Romance; Retrospect; Ballade of Ladies who Died for Love [co-written with D. E. A. Wallace]

Campbell Gemmell
IV.3: Blue below decks

John Gibbons
III.3: Girl's Talk

Andrea Gibellini
X.3: A Street (translated by N. S. Thompson)

Lewis Gielgud
Brother of the more famous Sir John. Close friend of the Haldanes,
J. B. S. Haldane and Naomi Mitchison.
1916: (greek title)
1917, as L. Gielgud: Summer Devilry

Sydney Giffard
IV.3: On the Frontier

Henry Gifford
1936: XXIX ("In the transparent hour, after rain's ceasing"); XXXII ("Peace, -the sombre eddy, -a wavering weed")

K. Gilberd
1918: When I Am Old

Paul Giles
I.3: The Poetry of John Ashbery

D. K. Gillie
1922: Lyrics

Pamela Gillilan
IV.2: Lighting the Fire; Summer Festival; Semmelweiss, and...

H. Gillman
1970:No 2: A Sonnet; Bologna; Ulysses; University Parks; Provence
1970:No 3: Rome; Arles

Allen Ginsberg
II.3: Interview by Mark Ford

Dana Gioia
X.2: Unsaid; Pentecost

John Glenday
V.1: Stories of the Wind; Three Men

Sue Goad
II.1: Interview of James Berry

John Gohorry
VII.3: A Balloon Ascent (Prelude; Conversation of Bagpipe and Ebony; Flight; Observations of a Man Working in the Fields; Aftermath)

Louis Golding
Novelist; his first, "Forward from Babylon", was published while he was still an undergraduate, which overawed his contemporaries.
1920: The Moon-Clock; Cold Branch in the Black Air; I Seek a Wild Star
1921: Ploughman at the Plough; Portrait of an Artist; Shepherd singing Ragtime; Ghosts Gathering; Silver-badged Waiter

Giles Goodland
VII.3: Notes of Chemist, 1805
X.3: Inside the Hole

Richard Goodman (editor 1931, 1932)
Stephen Spender's cousin: a brilliant scholar, but the son of the Eton school sweet-shopkeeper, Spender recalls (in "World Within World") seeing him mocked cruelly by Old Etonian students.
1930: Wardpiece; Spring Song; Self-Betrayal; Departure
1931: Four Fragments from a Play: i. Prologue; ii. David; iii. Chorus; iv. Epilogue; Winter Vision; Out of Earth; Barn Owl
1932: Lying Awake To-night; Those Lives the Sun Breathed; After their Life; It is too late; The Rebels

Richard Goodson
V.1: Messiah's Ironies

Mark Goodwin
X.2: Map

Brian Merton Gould
VIII.1: Advice to Mothers

David Graham
1936: The Two Ships; A Nun; Men as Trees Walking

Desmond Graham
V.3: Three Snapshots (Leeds, York, Durham)
VI.1: Three Snapshots: Leeds, York, Durham (Reprinted as winner of the Richard Ellmann Prize)
VI.3: The cow has swallowed a potato
VII.2: A Bigger Picture: a review by Sinéad Garrigan of "The Lie of Horizons" by Desmond Graham
VIII.1: Oban, October
VIII.3: The Mews

Hermione Graham
VIII.2: In from the Brink: an Interview of Jamie McKendrick
VIII.3: Alternative Heavens: a review of "The Playground Bell" by Adam Johnson

Robert Graves (editor 1921) (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Poet and novelist; elected Oxford Professor of Poetry in 1961. "Dead Cow Farm" is Graves's most anthologised war poem: he served in France, 1914-18, and was not able to take up his place at Oxford until 1919, but like many others was considered to be a university member in absentia for social purposes (like the compilation of OP).
1917: Double Red Daisies; Dead Cow Farm
1920: Morning Ph¦nix
1921: Preface; Cynics and Romantics; Unicorn and the White Doe; Sullen Moods; Henry and Mary; On the Ridge; A Lover since Childhood

Rosaleen Graves
1921: Night-Sounds; 'A Stronger than he shall come upon him...'; Colour

Roger Lancelyn Green
Prolific children's writer of tales from mythology; also Lewis Carroll scholar. But in the mid-1940s, a professional actor.
1947: Fairy Song from "Thomas of Erildoune"

Russell Green
Won the
Newdigate Prize 1916 for "Venice".
1915: Lament
1916: Pleading; Tendebamque Manus; Meditation
1917: De Mundo
1918: Faith; Hills

Candace Greenburg
II.3: Wading in the Dnieper

Graham Greene (OCEL)
Novelist, from 1929, though at Oxford a poet. As editor of the student magazine "Oxford Outlook", his coup was to persuade Edith Sitwell to contribute; he organized one of the BBC's first live broadcasts of poetry, with Oxford poets reading their work.
1923, as H. Graham Greene: Stepping Stones; Apologia
1924: Paint and Wood; Childishness
1925: I shall be Happy; Sonnet

Chris Greenhalgh
VII.1: Sea-Fret; Arcadia
VIII.3: Pshhh: a review by Sam Leith of "Stealing the Mona Lisa", by Chris Greenhalgh, and "The 'O'o'a'a' Bird", by Justin Quinn

John Greening
II.2: Amanita
V.1: For My Father
VII.1: Geese; from Huntingdonshire Eclogues

Clare Griffiths
VII.1: Other Statues

Jane Griffiths (editor X.3, XI.1)
VII.1: Review of "Singing Underwater" by Susan Wicks and "The Imbolic Bride" by John Sewell
X.1: Island; The Biographies of Poets

Jennifer L. Grigg
X.3: Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan, Stands for her Betrothal Portrait

Vona Groarke
VI.2: Insomnia (after Marina Tsvetayeva)
VIII.2: Vigilant Compass: a review by Catriona Clutterbuck of "Shale" by Vona Groarke

Paul Groves
IV.2: Something Nasty in the Woodshed
V.3: Ninety West: Ninety East

David Grubb
IV.2: Out of Time; Music in Winter; Fearing the Winter Prophets; Light

David H. W. Grubb
V.1: When Did You Last See Your Father?

Rosalie Glynn Grylls
1925: Immortality

Philip Guedalla (OCEL)
Historian and irreverent biographer.
1910-1913: The Frontier; The Coming
1910-1913: Dollares; Romancero; Vacational; To the Union in Neglect; Cuckoo Song; A Garland

Selina Guinness
VIII.3: Black Gold: a review of "A Word from the Loki", by Maurice Riordan, and "Truffle Beds", by Katherine Pierpoint
IX.2: An interview of Justin Quinn

Thom Gunn
VI.3: Dangerous Play: a review by Mark Wormald(2) of "The Man with Night Sweats" by Thom Gunn
VII.3: The Muscle of Feeling: a review by Mark Wormald(2) of "Collected Poems" by Thom Gunn

Ralph B. Gustafson (OCTCP)
Canadian poet of Swedish parentage; editor of the "Penguin Book of Canadian Verse".
1931: Snowfall; Sonnet
1932, as R. Gustafson: Nocturne in F Minor

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