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Chaman Lall
1917: "Thirty Years After"

R. S. Lambert
1914: East-End Dirge
1915: For a Folk-Song; War-Time

Bobbie Lamming
1970:No 3: "Her eyes frighten me"; "Swift used satire as a vehicle for tragedy"; "Predator-like"; "I saw on hands and knees"; "Two knots"; Tree; "In a past existence"

John Lanchester (editor III.1)
II.2: Review of "Station Island" by Seamus Heaney
III.1: Interview of Paul Muldoon

Joel Lane
II.3: Gravel Tides

John Langdon-Davies
1919: Quits!

Philip Larkin (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Poet, briefly novelist, jazz critic, anthologist and librarian. Declined the post of Poet Laureate. These early poems are all included in the juvenilia section of his Collected.
1942-1943: A Stone Church Damaged by a Bomb; Mythological Introduction; Poem ("I dreamed of an outstretched arm of land")

John Larkman
1948: Stranger

Edward Larrissy
1970:No 2: Translations from Quasimodo: Street in Agrigentum; Ancient Winter; Sunken Oboe; Imitation of Joy

D. S. Lascelles
1923: Chloroform

James Laver
Won the
Newdigate Prize 1921 for "Cervantes".
1922: The Burial of Shelley

Gregory LeStage
X.1: Sunlight on Provence

B. C. Leale
IV.1: A Fine Day on the Island; Dancing Attendance on the Great Masters

Robin Leanse (editor 1970:No 1, 1970:No 2, 1970:No 3)
1970:No 1: "I felt the clouds obscure the sun"

Paris Leary
1959: Judith

Guy Leclercq
VIII.1: The Expedition [translation of L'Expédition by Jacques Prévert; winning entry in the Translation Competition]

Evalyn Lee
II.1: A Direct Address to my Deaf Grandfather
II.2: All Those Eyes; Wait

Karen Leeder
V.2: The Languages of Silence: review of Paul Celan, "Selected Poems", translated Michael Hamburger
V.3: A Life Revisited: a review of Friedrich Hölderlin, "Selected Poems", translated by David Constantine
VII.2: Judge's report on the Susan Kirsch Translation Competition

Margaret Leigh
Cousin of the then editor,
Dorothy L. Sayers.
1917, as M. Leigh: Epitaph on Two Lovers; Epitaph on an Aristocrat Dying Under a Democracy
1918: Two Epitaphs. I. On a Diplomat. II. On a Profiteer.; Sonnet: The Journalist

J. B. Leishman
1946:No 1: Translated from the German of Reinhold Schneider, two of 12 sonnets written in 1944: 1. To a Priest Whose Church Had Been Entirely Destroyed; 2. Sonnet "Only the men of prayer in these last hours"; Translated from the German of Werner Bergengruen, a member of the Austrian Resistance Movement, whose poems, written in the summer of 1944, were extensively circulated in MS: The Last Epiphany

Sam Leith (editor VIII.2, VIII.3, IX.1, IX.2)
VIII.2: Disappearer: a review of "Last Poems" by Peter Reading
VIII.3: Pshhh: a review of "Stealing the Mona Lisa", by Chris Greenhalgh, and "The 'O'o'a'a' Bird", by Justin Quinn
IX.1: A Postal Interview of Robert Crawford
IX.2: An interview of Christopher Logue

Brad Leithauser
III.2: Interview by Mark Ford; Plexal

John Leonard
IV.3: Advice to Children; The Resignation of a Supermarket Manager; A Caution in Giving
V.2: Inside and Out: review by Robert Smith of John Leonard, "Unlove"; Gerard Woodward, "The Unwriter & other poems"; Andrew Fox, "Darkness and Snowfall"

John Levett
IX.1: A Fork; Only Available in Blue

Peter Levi, S.J.
1955: Be Careful; Mrs Hanratty Wept
1956: The Black Girl and the Girl with the Unicorn

Peter Levy
1970:No 2: "A little girl sings..."; Ariosto's Cafe

C. Day Lewis (editor 1927) (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Poet Laureate 1968-72; Oxford Professor of Poetry 1951-6; translator; detective novelist, under the pseudonym Nicholas Blake. At Oxford a close friend of Rex Warner; like W. H. Auden, drove a T.U.C. car in the General Strike of May 1926; self-published his first book, energetically selling it to bookshops. For editing of OP 1927, its issue entry. When he read "Naked Woman with Kotyle" to an Oxford poetry circle called The Jawbone, a member of the audience was heard to murmur "Lucky chap, old Kotyle."
1925, as Cecil Day-Lewis: Sonnet; Autumn of the Mood
1926, as Cecil Day-Lewis: 'Cyprian! Cyprian!'; The Shadow Pimp; Naked Woman with Kotyle; It is the True Star
1927, as Cecil Day-Lewis: Preface; Transitional Poem (Part II)
1951: Foreword

Gwyneth Lewis
III.1: Parable of the Awkward Woman [translated from the Welsh by the author]
IX.1: Breakaway: a review by John Davies of "War Voices" by Tony Curtis and "Parables & Faxes" by Gwyneth Lewis

Tim Liardet
VIII.2: Cassiobury Lock; The Music School
IX.2: Waiting for the Number One Hundred

Anthony Lias
1954: Heroine

D. J. Lightfoot
V.3: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Kate Lilley
III.2: Requiem

John Linnell
1922, as J. S. Linnell: Suicide
1923: Techniques of Love; The Suicide; Old Friends
1924: Spring Solitude; Sonnets

Toby Litt
IV.1: The Journey

A. Walton Litz
VI.1: Great Effusions: 'James Joyce: Poems and Shorter Writings' ed. Richard Ellmann, A. Walter Litz and John Whittier-Ferguson, reviewed by Bernard O'Donoghue

Michael Lloyd
1946:No 2: Mediterranean; To Poins
1947: The Birds; To Poins
1948: Elegy in May

Anthony Lodge
1949: Loneliness

Christopher Logue
IX.2: An interview by Sam Leith

John London
VIII.1: Judge's report on the Jacques Prévert Translation Competition

Michael Londry
X.1: Telegrams from Bedlam; At the Densmore Café; Thirty-Four Obscure Kisses from Across the World

Peter Loney
XI.1: from Homage to A. E. Housman

Earl of Longford
1923: The Swans on Dairbhreach

Michael Longley
IX.1: Space-Age Bachelor-Pad Music: a review by Paddy Bullard of "The Ghost Orchid" by Michael Longley and "Rest for the Wicked" by Glyn Maxwell
X.2: Short review by Jeremy Noel-Tod of Michael Longley, "Selected Poems"

John Longrigg
1942-1943: Lines for a Stranger; Fragment
1946:No 1: To-Morrow in the Flippant World; Poem "This afternoon bombardment"
1946:No 2: Elegy; Poem "Now my darling that it is all over"

Roger Lonsdale (editor 1959)
1956: Aubade; The Other Lands
1957: Loss
1959: Considerations; Sympathy

Federico Garcia Lorca
IV.3: The Sonnet of the Sweet Lament [translated by Edmund Chattoe]
VI.1: Gacela of Desperate Love [translated by Merryn Williams]; Dream [translated by Merryn Williams]

Tim Love
VI.2: Imagination

Raoul Loveday
1922: A Song of Town

Susan Lovell
VII.3: On Making Home

D. M. Low
Presumably David Low, antiquarian bookseller and friend of
Graham Greene and A. L. Rowse, whose memoirs and survey of the London second-hand books scene were most implausibly published in Tehran, 1977, under the title "With all faults".
1910-1913: Hendecasyllables

Susan Lowell
VII.1: The Task

Martyn J. Lowery
VI.3: Christmas Ghosts (For Joanna)

Paul Lucas
1931: Stone
1932: Spring Celebration; Poem ("Spring comes that over gardens pours"); Foreign Scenes

J. E. M. Lucie-Smith
1953: The Temptation of St. Anthony; Icarus
1954: A Tropical Childhood; The Drunkard; The Giant in the Tree; The Monster

P. H. B. Lyon
After distinguished military service, returned to Oxford and won the
Newdigate Prize, 1919; author of the celebrated peace poem, "Now To Be Still and Rest"; later Headmaster of Rugby School.
1910-1913: Lyric
1914: A Song of the Moor
1919: The Secret Playroom (Graudenz, 1918); The Song of Strength; The Deserted Garden

John Lyons
VI.1: News Breakers

Sean Lysaght
VII.1: The Cube in the West

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