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H. T. Wade-Gery
During war service, reached the rank of Major, the only OP contributor so to do; as an Oxford don, reached the rank of Sub-Warden of Wadham College.
Naomi Mitchison's lover, during the early period of her "open marriage".
1915: To Master Robert Herrick: Upon His Death; The Grass is Cold and Wet, the Dew is Set; Hark, How the Birds Do Sing at Evening

G. A. Wagner
1946:No 1: The Cherry Tree; Airgraph for Ruth; Concepts

John Wain (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Poet and novelist; elected Oxford
Professor of Poetry, 1973-8.
1947: What are the Woes?

D. E. A. Wallace
1917: Sonnet in Contempt of Death
1918: River-Pools; Life and I; Ballade of Ladies who Died for Love [co-written with E. F. A. Geach]
1919: Impromptu in Marsh; In New College Cloisters; The Beggar-Maiden

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
II.1: Inversion Layer
IV.3: Interview by Bernard O'Donoghue

B. J. Wallis
1922: The Welland Floods

John Walter
1937: Rain

Terence Walton
1947: For Ariadne; A Poet at Thirty (from the French of Jean Cocteau)

Leo Ward
1916: Meditation (From an Eastern Saga)
1917: The Last Communion

Joseph Irving Wardle
1948: Two Poems from "In the City"; From "St Anthony's Cut"
1949, as J. I. Wardle: Letter

Philip Warner
1947: Mobility; Novitiate

Rex Warner (OCEL) (OCTCP)
Poet, Kafkaesque novelist and translator of Greek drama; a close friend of
Cecil Day Lewis at Oxford. Began by studying classics, but "after getting thirteen alphas and two alpha-betas in his fifteen Mods papers, read philosophy to such an extent that one day he saw the Absolute walk in at his door, and taking the hint, saved his sanity by having a nervous breakdown, leaving Oxford for a year, and returning to read for a quiet Pass in English." (Day Lewis)
1926: A Kitchen Garden; Friends; Odyssey; Manifesto
1927, as R. E. Warner: Lotos Eaters; Anakreontic; Nativity; Impression; Resolution

Peter Warren
1916: Lough Corrib

John Waterfield
1970:No 2: "I am the late bird of a sodden spring-time"

Robin Waterfield
XI.1: Unicorn

Roger Waterfield
X.2: Columba

W. B. C. Watkins
1929: Parabola

Martin Watson
1926: Empty Room

Terence Watson
1946:No 1: Basilisk; The Mere; Argonaut
1946:No 2: Cherry Tree; The Adventure

Donald Watt (editor 1950)
1950: Foreword; Subtraction; Incantation (ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE); Possibilities
1951: Ballad of a Dream

F. W. Watt
1954: Fathers

Sholto Watt
1928: For One Stricken in the Midst of Rejoicing; Poem on Spring

Susan Webb
VII.3: Patience

Peter Weitzman
Won the
Newdigate Prize 1949 for "The Black Death".
1948: Chorus: Tempest and Flutes
1949: The Discovery of Love; Juan
1950: On Re-reading Alice; In Praise of an Old Bachelor; On a Lithograph of John Minton

Geoffrey Wellington
1931: Country Poem; To the Writers of the Obituary Notices

Peter Werner
IX.2: Outline of a Script; Pampered, Then Parboiled

Paul West
1952: Spell; Cleared Site: Coventry, 1950; Time to Borrow; In Camera

David Wheatley
VIII.3: Seconds, Beaubord; Courtyard in Rain, Kilmainham

Laurence Whistler (OCTCP)
Poet; engraver of stained glass for church windows.
1931: The Spider
1932: Sonnet; Poem for a Birthday; Narcissus

Frank Whitbourn
1932: The City

Eric Walter White
One of the leading lights among undergraduate poets of his day, not so much for his poems as for his unrivalled collection of poetry first editions.
1925: Prayer
1927: Opposite the Chariot

Glenys White
1970:No 2: Monet
1970:No 3: The Eternal Journey

Christiania Whitehead
IV.1: Brutus' Last Song; Homily; Expectation-Klimt
IV.1: Interview of Paul Durcan
V.3: Primavera
VI.2: Green But Pleasant: a review of "Beneath the Wide Wide Heaven: Poetry of the Environment from Antiquity to the Present", ed. Sara Dunn with Alan Scholefield
X.1: Violin by Night

William Whitmore
1948: The Conqueror; Alpine Piece

Janice Whitten

John Whittier-Ferguson
VI.1: Great Effusions: 'James Joyce: Poems and Shorter Writings' ed. Richard Ellmann, A. Walter Litz and John Whittier-Ferguson, reviewed by Bernard O'Donoghue

Christopher Whyte
V.1: An Dioghaltair | The Avenger [printed in parallel Gaelic and English]

Susan Wicks
V.3: Forgetting Hallsands
VI.2: Mad Scientist
VII.1: Review by Jane Griffiths of "Singing Underwater" by Susan Wicks and "The Imbolic Bride" by John Sewell
VII.2: Annunciation
VIII.2: Setting

Pamela Wilkie
VIII.3: Equal in the eyes of the birds

Christopher Williams
1959: Elegy ("When Love used all the metaphors of building"); Song ("Publishing Villon made him think of rhyme"); Rain
1960: The Regrets; Near Myth

Hugo Williams
IV.3: Don't Look Down: an Interview by Mark Wormald(2); Autobiography

Merryn Williams
III.3: The Changeling
VI.1: Gacela of Desperate Love [translation from Federico Garcia Lorca]; Dream [translation from Federico Garcia Lorca]
X.3: Wilfred's Bridge

Claire Wills
III.1: Interview of Paul Muldoon

Clive Wilmer
VIII.3: Yakkity Yak: a review by Patrick McGuinness of "Poets Talking" by Clive Wilmer

David Wilson
VI.2: Debtors and Lovers

Fiona Wilson
VII.1: 108th Street; Pre-menstrual

J. L. Wing
1919: Louis Onze

Keiron Winn
VIII.2: An Old Friend Asks to Stay

David Winwood
III.3: Animal Information
IV.2: The Grime of the Pilgrimage

David Wojahn
III.1: Satin Doll

Chris Woods
VI.1: Stroke

Gerard Woodward
V.2: Inside and Out: review by Robert Smith of John Leonard, "Unlove"; Gerard Woodward, "The Unwriter & other poems"; Andrew Fox, "Darkness and Snowfall"
VI.3: A Dozen Deaths; Tomatoes; Yarn; An Address To The Barber

Mark Wormald(1) (editor 1970:No 1, 1970:No 2, 1970:No 3)
Coincidences really don't get any spookier than this but, as unlikely as it sounds, the two OP editors called Mark Wormald, both undergraduates at Magdalen College, are apparently no relation to each other.
1970:No 3: When the Rain Stopped; Mirror; "The smoke lifts and spirals"

Mark Wormald(2) (editor III.2, III.3, IV.1, IV.2, IV.3, V.1, V.2, V.3, VI.1, VI.2, VI.3)
IV.2: Interview of Andrew Motion
IV.3: Don't Look Down: an Interview with Hugo Williams
V.2: The Age of Anxiety: an Interview of Adam Thorpe
V.3: Parochial Poetics: a review of "The Penguin Book of Contemporary Irish Poetry"; "Child of Europe: a New Anthology of East European Poetry"; "The Oxford Anthology of English Poetry"
VI.1: Journey Without Maps: An Interview with James Fenton
VI.3: Dangerous Play: a review of "The Man with Night Sweats" by Thom Gunn
VII.2: Self Timing
VII.3: The Muscle of Feeling: a review of "Collected Poems" by Thom Gunn

David Wright (OCTCP)
South African poet, though he lived in the Lake District as an adult; anthologist; became deaf in childhood, and attended the Northampton School for the Deaf, and not Eton as his poem title might suggest.
1942-1943: Eton Hall

Howard Wright
V.3: The Hard Shoulder
VI.2: A Closer Look; Civitas
VII.1: A Closer Look [reprinted as joint winner of the Second Richard Ellmann Prize]
VIII.1: The Christmas Club
VIII.3: The Point Bar; The Hewitt Collection; Down

R. K. Wright
1957: By the Mersey
1959: German Bride; The Betrayed Lover takes to Car

Dan Wyke
XI.1: Tying Knots

Warrick Wynne
II.2: To the Girl Going Blind

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